Eagle Eye Deep Cycle - In Valve Sensor

Video Transcript

Take the guess work out of battery maintenance with Eagle Eye Deep Cycle Sensors from Flow-Rite.

Eagle Eye sensors make monitoring fluid levels easy, quick, and safe. Instantly check the status of your battery at a glance.  A green light indicates the battery’s electrolyte is at the proper level.  While a red light lets you know your electrolyte is low.

Eagle Eye sensors are integrated directly into our single point watering valves.  No longer is it necessary to drill separate holes into the battery, which can introduce debris into the cell.

Eagle Eye’s patented sensing technology defeats stray current and voltage for the most accurate electrolyte reading possible. Eagle Eye consists of an In-Valve Sensing Probe, a Status LED, Positive and Negative Leads, and a Control Module that manages it all.

Contact Flow-Rite today to learn how Eagle Eye Deep Cycle Sensors can contribute to your battery management needs.  For more information call 616-583-1700 or visit our website at flow-rite.com. Flow-Rite, The Best in Battery Management.