Inside the Flow-Rite Valve

Video Transcript

Flow-Rite’s battery watering systems allow users to water multiple cells from a single fill line.  Automatically filling each cell to the proper level.  At the heart of each system is the Flow-Rite Valve.  Each valve is operated independently, which allows each cell to fill to the optimum level.  Water flows through the tubing and into each battery cell through the valve.

Flow-Rite systems fill your battery cells safely and efficiently.  As the water rises and reaches the optimum level the displacer is activated and snaps into place closing the valve.  The pressure from the water supply holds each valve closed until all cells have reached the proper level.

Flow-Rite valves use a duel balanced design that allows the displacement force to act directly through the center of the valve without mechanical leverage.  Once all cells have been filled, water flow stops, and the water supply is disconnected.  The battery is now ready for use.

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