At Flow-Rite, we are defined by our core values:

Think Beyond Tomorrow 

Understanding the culture of Flow-Rite Controls and contribute to improving it. Participate in continuous improvement opportunities. Share ideas. Expand your job description, learn about your job, but what else can you do, help with, or improve to make your job or a fellow co-worker’s job better?

Love What You Do

Are you passionate about what you do at FRC? Do you feel and want to be part of the team? Do you make the choice daily to bring with you a positive attitude? Do you react positively to a situation, issues, or circumstances you may encounter?

Help First

Serving a purpose greater than yourself. Help fellow co-workers at Flow-Rite; do things beyond yourself. Do the job, even if it isn’t your job. Recognize and assist your customer. Do you know who they are?

Question and Improve

Ask questions to understand, contribute, suggest improving: The workplace, environment, safety, internal and external relationships, products, marketing, sales.

Why work at Flow-Rite?

Joining the Flow-Rite team also means you will be able to enjoy our numerous benefits, some of which include:

  • Competitive compensation program
  • Competitive health benefits program
  • Bonus earnings
  • 401k program with generous company match
  • Competitive vacation, paid holidays, and personal time.

Toy Durability Analyst


Rufus in the office

Chief Barketing Officer


Dogs in the office

Vice President of Morale


Jack the doodle

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