Jason Morgan

Manufacturing Engineer

Jason Morgan


What is the 1 thing in this world you are most proud of?

The one thing in the world that I am most proud of are my children.

Would you rather have to have 5 dogs at all time or no pets at all for your whole life?

I would take no pets at all. If I felt the need to pet an animal, I know plenty of people with them and I don’t have to clean any messes.

What is your role at Flow-Rite?

My role at Flow-Rite seems to be problem solver and molding specialist.

Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?

I would rather ride a dragon. As mentioned in the previous question, I don’t want anymore pets.

What’s one fact you know that not many other do?

A fact I know and not many others do is, the days of the week are named after Roman and Danish (Viking) gods. Saturn (Sun-day), Mars (Mon-day), Tyr (Tues-day), Oden or Woden (Wednes-day), Thor (Thurs-day) and Frigga (Fri-day).

What Flow-Rite value speaks most to you and why?

I like Help First. But, I would much rather love what I do, every day rather than just most days.

How is what you do feeding your passion?

As far as what I do feeding my passion. I’m an engineer. I love to solve problems and fix things for people. I get to come up with solutions for people all day long. I enjoy having someone tell me that something I implemented made their job and life easier and more efficient.