Steven Wong

International Business Manager

Hong Kong: (852) 93512339
China: (86) 15018949285

Steven Wong


What is the 1 thing in this world you are most proud of?

A good and supportive family, our 2 little kids are growing up healthily and happily.

Whats your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

Playing basketball games with friends and some water sports like wind-surfing in the summer.

What is your favorite book you've read and why?

A brief history of Humankind, I as thinking history is boring and this book changed my mind, this book expresses this in an interesting and inspiring way.

What is your role at Flow-Rite?

I am the Hong Kong based International Business Manager of FRC, responsible for business development and building foundation in Asian Pacific.

Describe your background

I have 8 years working experience as a Business Manager in the rechargeable battery industry. In my previous role, I have set up and developed a new team and office in Hong Kong, also had developed projects and worked with customers in Asia, Europe and America. I have engineering discipline in my academic background and some related working experience, this provided me to have an analytic mind and organized problem solving skills. This is a great add-on for my business development role in the past and now.

Woud you rather be able to run incredibly fast or jump incredibly high?

I would rather be able to jump incredibly high. In Hong Kong, many streets are crowded, being able to run fast cannot help but we have lots of tall buildings.