Tim Pitcher

Marine Sales Manager

Email: tpitcher@flow-rite.com
Office Phone: (616) 583-1700
Direct Phone: (616) 560-9206

Tim Pitcher


What is your role at Flow-Rite?

My role at Flow-Rite is Marine Account Manager. My role is to emanate a positive image of our company and listen to our customer as they share their needs and problems for marine plumbing systems. I then process that information provided and work to offer the best solutions.

Would you rather smell like pizza and get to eat it whenever you want or smell normal but never get to have pizza ever again?

I’d want to smell normal but never eat pizza again.

What Flow-Rite value speaks most to you and why?

Think Beyond Tomorrow and here’s why.  There is the statement of “share ideas” in the vision.  Think about if none of us shared any ideas. We would be stagnant.  Ideas perpetuate growth, albeit good or bad ideas.  Sometimes bad ideas are a great learning opportunity to improve, but at least it was expressed.  These ideas are the seeds that lead to continuous improvement, how to help others, and make your job or your co-workers job better.  And oh, world peace!

What is your favorite book you've read?

Unbroken. Because of the great degree of human spirit, endurance, survival, and believing in something bigger.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

Italy because I could eat my way from North to South.