Chad Pipkens: Early Summer Fishing Tips

Video Transcript

What’s going on guys. Chad Pipkens here, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro. I’m out here in Lake Lansing today.  It’s early early summer late late spring. There’s a couple things to keep in mind.

We got fish that didn’t eat a lot in the winter, and they are either hungry, or they’re moving into spawn.  So, what I’m doing here is we got a little flat that sticks out here we’ve got some grass on the edges.  I’m going to start with the jerk bait.  I’m trying to go down those edges.  I’m looking for some shallow active fish that are ready to feed.

As I move in, I’m going to look for those northern banks.  Northern banks heat up quicker and first in the spring.  You got this this the Sun it sits on the southern side so what it’s going to do is it’s going to draw more Sun to those northern banks.  Those are going to heat up quicker and earlier and those are where your early spawners are going to be.  So, I’m going to start off these edges.  I’m going to work for some jerk bait some active feeding fish. I’m going to move into these northern banks.

I’m going to kind of cruise around some of those docks.  Maybe they spawn on the dock poles and some shallow bays.  Keep those two things in mind.  Active feeding fish for those pre-spawners and move into those northern banks when they spawn.