Chad Pipkens: Fall Fishing Tips: Part 1

Video Transcript

What’s going on guys. Chad Pipkens here, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.  As you can tell it’s fall, you got post frontal conditions high skies, you know, water temps are cooling down.  The thing you want to keep in mind when you’re trying to pattern fall fishing is to keep moving and bait fish.

A lot of times in the fall fish start to feed up, and so if you’re not getting bites, guess what, you need to get you need to get moving.  There are fish biting somewhere and there’s always active fish feeding in the fall.  A good bait of choice in the fall for me is a jerkbait.  It imitates fish, bait fish, and you can fish it fairly quickly and efficiently.

Another great fall fishing technique is a spinner bait.  You know you can cover a lot of water with a spinner bait and a jerkbait, and that’s going to allow you to find those fish.  A lot of times you can relate to, you know we’re here in Michigan, weed edges, you know, points that kind of that kind of deal, and then when you find those fish with the jerkbait or the spinner then you can slow down maybe fish a worm or fish a drop shot.

So again, in fall, you know, think fish quick, you know, cover water until you find them, and when you find them slow down and have some fun.