Chad Pipkens: Fall Fishing Tips: Part 2

Video Transcript

What’s going on guys.  Chad Pipkens here, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.  As you can see it’s fall, you know, high sky’s post frontal.  Water starts cooling down.  If you’re on a lake with grass one of the key things to look for in the fall is live and good green vegetation.

Up here in the north a lot of our grass starts to die off.  It starts to get brown and it doesn’t have the oxygen levels that that green grass does.  So, key thing is to cover a little water, you know, with that spinnerbait jerkbait we talked about but look for that green grass, then when you find it slow down and flip a little.

Like those fish, we’ve got little grass mats up here, they’re going to live in one grass mat.  You might have 10-20 good fish sitting in a grass mats that’s as big as your boat.  So, you find that green grass for the oxygen and you got to pick it apart flipping.  A little fall tip to help you catch a few more bass in the fall when conditions get a little tough.