Chad Pipkens: Fall Fishing Tips: Part 3

Video Transcript

What’s going on guys.  Chad Pipkens here, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro. I’m going to show you one of my favorite little baits.  Very simple all it is is a tube.  A lot of different brands out there.

This is just a tube by Lunkerhunt and it’s very diverse.  One of the easiest setups is a open hook jig head just like that.  All you got to do is slide this guy up here, and again this is going to be used around rocks.  It’s going to be used around sand, not places you’re going to get hung, because again this hook is completely open.  The great thing about that is it’s got a pretty good hookup ratio and you’ve got an open hook.  And you push the eye through and then you’ve got a nice setup.  Eye of the hook, hook points exposed, so again it’s going to be fished around rocks and gravel, sand, not so much weeds or wood, because this open hook is going to get caught.  But that’s going to be a great way to hook a bass easily, you know, without much penetration.  This same tube, instead of rigged open on a jig head, can be rigged Texas rigged.

We’ve got a TroKar flipping hook, quarter ounce weight here.  All you’re going to do is come through the top, real simple.  Come through about a quarter of an inch, and you’re going to slide the tube up on to the shank of the hook.  And you got to rotate the bait a little bit.  And then to complete the Texas rig you just come back through the tube.  And again, now, this is a setup that can be fished around wood and grass wherever you want.  Notice it’s completely weedless.  Don’t even see that hook, but if a fish grabs the tube compresses and the hook point pops through and that’s when you set the hook.  So again, you got a weedless application and an open water application.  Great way to catch fish on a tube.  Texas rigged tube.  Whoo!