Chad Pipkens: Remote Drain Plug

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chad Pipkens.  I fish the Bassmaster Elite Series on espn2.  I’ve got my boat in and out of the water 4 to 500 times a year.  That’s 4 to 500 times a year I can hit the back of my head on either my engine or my power poles if I’m running a standard drain plug.  Lucky for me I run a Flow-Rite Remote Drain Plug.  It’s made in the USA and it is very easy to install.  All it is is a cable attached to a dial.  I mount my dial right next to my throttle.  With the turn of that dial I can have my plug in or out.  No more whacking your head on the back of the engine.  No more forgetting your plug.  It’s very easy.

If you aren’t aware the EPA is also starting to mandate something called drain and dry.  This is going help prevent the spread of invasive species.  And that’s even more opportunity for you to hit your head on the back your engine, because you’re going to be required to remove your drain plug every time you trailer your boat.

You can check this out at  Super easy to install, super easy to use, and it’s very affordable.  Check them out.