Chad Pipkens: Remote Drain Plug

Video Transcript

Chad Pipkens, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.  Picture it’s midwinter.  You’re out fishing with your kids.  Water temps in the 40s.  All of a sudden, you’re out and you take a 2-3 mile drive.  You’ve got water coming through the drain on your floor.  You forgot to put your plug in.  Could be a life-threatening situation.  You can’t get on plane.  You got water coming in.  It’s too cold to go back there to put the plug in and you’re in trouble.  Not if you have a Flow-Rite remote drain plug.  All you do plug-out plug-in and then turn on your bilge, and let the water go away.  No problems but if you didn’t have that drain plug from Flow-Rite you could have a life-threatening situation.  So simple, easy, and safe.