Chad Pipkens: Summer Tips Part 2

Video Transcript

Hey guys Chad Pipkens here.  In summertime, midsummer, fish can get a little bit tough.  A couple things you want to keep in mind when you’re talking summertime fishing.  Especially up north we got a lot of these inland lakes, natural lakes.

I’d either want to go deep.  Deep weed edges, you know, the waters a little cooler. The fish move out to those places, they hang out, and they can group up and you can have a great day of fishing.  It does get tricky because sometimes those fish are in small areas, so you got a hunt for them.  Texas rig worms, crank baits, to find those fish those are key key things out there.

The other thing to keep in mind is go shallow.  Like as shallow as you can get.  Over here we got some boat docks almost up on the bank.  You can go to the places like this; those fish like shade.  You go to bare bottom sand banks boat docks in the water are the only places there are shade.  That cooler water that’s where those fish are going to be.  It’s easy target fishing.

I’ll go to those places and skip around a little Lunkerhunt wacky worm here.  Super easy style fishing, but deep or shallow you got to think shade in the summertime.