Chad Pipkens: Why Flow-Rite?

Video Transcript

Chad Pipkens here, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.  I have got the Flow-Rite Remote Drain Plug in my boat.  I’ve also got their quick connects in my boat, and all my plumbing, and I’ve also got their aerator that’s guaranteed to keep my fish as lively as possible.  All great stuff that I use every day, day in and day out on tour.

Not only do I like working with the product at Flow-Rite I love working with the people over there.  Everything there is American made and it’s just good people that do good stuff for the community as well.  So, when you’ve got a good product and good people, I mean, how can you go wrong with that.

In tournament bass fishing the only thing that matters is a live catch. I’m not allowed to call a fish that’s dead, so if my fish die because of poor aeration I am forced to keep that fish whether its 12 or 13 inches. So, for me, I’ve got a pump out aerator in my boat which I am extremely excited about.  The nice thing is if I come to the lake here and we have a trailer land all I got to do is push the nozzle on the inside and it turns that aeration pump into a pump out and I can fill my livewell bag.

The other nice feature about that is if I pull that pump back out, on the inside of my livewell, I have an extra aeration pump.  A lot of guys only have one pump on their boat.  If something happens where fish scales or line gets caught in that pump your aerator goes bad.  You’re out of luck and you have no aeration for that day, but me I’ve got that spare pump to help keep those fish alive and to put water into my bag when I come weigh in that mega catch.

The Flow-Rite PowerStream Nozzle is huge with aeration.  It’s very, it’s a strong stream so what it does is it gets down in there and it stirs up that water from top to bottom.  And this creates a good flow of oxygen all throughout the water system and you’ve got fish in, you know, different places in the livewell up and down it’s important to keep oxygen in all those places.  And that’s what the Flow-Rite aerator does.

Qwik-Lok’s are very simple.  It’s something I don’t see, because it’s below my boat, but it’s very important.  It keeps my boat dry.  It’s a quick connect, so if you guys are boat distributors or boat manufacturers, there’s no twisting no turning things.  All it is is a quick push of a…push of a pipe, and you’re done, and I’m having my boat float, and everything is dry, so I’ve got to appreciate that.

Every day I use the Flow-Rite Remote Drain Plug, and if you’re not using one you’re probably having some extra headaches.  If I forget that drain plug all I’ve got to do is turn a dial.  I’m not going behind the boat, ducking down, moving around to bang my head to hit anything on a power pole on an engine. Nothing like that happens for me.

Another key feature is safety.  Think about how many times you go out on a day like this where maybe it’s a little cold or maybe the water’s in the forties.  If you go out and make a long run and forget to put that plug in it could be a life threatening situation where you don’t have time to put the plug in unless you have a Flow-Rite Remote Drain Plug.  All you do is turn the dial and pump the bilge out.  So, for me it’s not only less headaches, it’s safety.  The Flow-Rite Drain Plug definitely something you want to have on that boat.

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