How to Qualify a Water Supply

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Sean Burnetter.  Today I’m going to show you how to qualify your water supply to ensure it will work properly with your Flow-Rite battery watering system.

Step 1: first assemble the necessary equipment.  You will need a stopwatch, a five-gallon bucket, and your Flow-Rite approved water supply.  Today we’ll be using our popular regulated hose supply.

Step 2: attach your regulated hose supply to the spigot.

Step 3: attach the pressure regulator to the hose.

Step 4: insert the purger into the regulator and shoot the stream into the bucket.

Use your stopwatch to time for 1 minute.  Again, we do this to ensure that the water supply in your facility is compatible with Flow-Rite system requirements.  If you have achieved 2-5 gallons of flow per min that means your water supply is operating somewhere between 3 and 35 PSI.  This will allow your Flow-Rite system to function properly and provide you with optimal battery life.

If you have issues achieving 2-5 gallons of flow per minute, please contact your Flow-Rite sales representatives on steps to move forward.  Thanks for watching.