Intro to Advanced Battery Steward

Video Transcript

At Flow-Rite, we know managing and operating your fleet can have its challenges, so we have created a solution that will keep you connected and ahead 24/7 with our Advanced Battery Steward.

Advanced Battery Steward is a robust application that reports data from your batteries wirelessly.  This gives you the power to manage your fleet faster and smarter.  Once a tracker is installed on your battery a simple scan quickly connects you with our app and web portal.

Advanced Battery Steward gives you total control over your battery fleet and ensures that you don’t miss a single problem.  You can see automated tacking history for each battery and get complete overall usage for your fleet. Identify failing batteries early and repair before it’s too late.  You can also review temperature changes in your fleet over time.  View battery alerts and track each and every watering event, in real time from anywhere, all on our app.  You can even filter events by location to see patterns of use by building, which will help keep your fleet protected and under warranty.

It’s quick, easy, and helps you stay ahead anytime anywhere.  It’s the new Advanced Battery Steward from Flow-Rite where we give you the power of data to monitor, track, and control your fleet.