Regulated Hose Supply

Video Transcript

The most common way to deliver water to your batteries is directly from your buildings water source using Flow-Rite’s regulated hose supply.

The regulated hose supply is a cost-effective option that is easy to use and installs in minutes without the use of tools or other bulky components.  Simply attach the hose fitting to a dedicated water spigot.  The in-line strainer will remove any grit or debris that may come from your water source.

To fill your batteries, remove the dust cover from your watering system’s fill line and connect the male coupler to the female coupler of the regulated hose supply.  Once connected water will immediately begin to flow into your batteries, and the flow indicator balls will begin to spin.

As each battery cell fills the valves will begin to shut off, and the balls will begin to slow.  The balls will soon come to a complete stop indicating that all valves have closed, and the filling cycle is complete.  Disconnect the couplers by depressing the push button and replace the dust cover on the fill line.

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