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World Class Engineering, Contract Manufacturing, and Innovative Products that both meet the demands of our industries – and set the standards of innovation and functionality. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and business relationships in every opportunity possible. Welcome to Flow-Rite, learn more about us below.

About Us.

Flow-Rite Controls® is an ISO 9001 Certified Company founded in 1981 by Dan Campau. As a vertically integrated company, Flow-Rite designs, manufactures and markets fluid control devices for lead acid batteries, recreational fishing boats, and hydroponics. All Flow-Rite products are solely our own proprietary developments and protected by over three dozen U.S. patents as well as hundreds of international patents.


We're proud to own hundreds of patents on product designs, and to offer custom design and contract manufacturing services to our customers around the world.


World-Class engineering that has built its reputation by developing high-quality innovative products that are used by OEMs, top businesses, and customers worldwide.


All Flow-Rite product are rigorously tested and developed to produce longevity, quality, and the highest performance standards possible.


Our mold making shop and robotic state of the art plastic injection molding operation in Byron Center Michigan. With our automation we can meet our growing volume requirements.


World-Class production, shipping, and customer service allow us to maintain an exceptional 99% on-time delivery rate of all products sold.

Vertically Integrated.

From concept to on-time delivery, Flow-Rite’s vertical integration helps mold your success. Our departments have a high level of collaboration, helping drive our engineering, manufacturing, validation, science, and allowing us to continue our elevated ability to generate innovative product design – let alone our world class production and logistics capabilities.

Quality You Can Trust.

ISO 9001 defines a business operating system to successfully transform customer needs into quality product and services.  It builds the foundation for sound business practices that enables customer satisfaction, LEAN initiatives, successful product launches, and defined metrics that promote continuous improvement. Our adherence to LEAN principles ensures the highest quality products are produced at competitive prices. Our systems are continuously improved upon to increase efficacy and customer satisfaction.

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A Culture Of Innovation.

Our company fully supports it’s employees and their ideas – which helps create a culture of innovation. Backed by a team of engineers, our company has remained focused on developing unique solutions which is determined by our extensive patent list.

Our Values Drive Our Success People Business Relationships

Help First

Love What You Do

  • Are you passionate about what you do at Flow-Rite Controls?
  • Do you feel and want to be part of the team?
  • Do you make the choice daily to bring with you a positive attitude?
  • Do you react positively to a situation, issues or circumstances you may encounter daily?
Help First

Help First

  • Serving a purpose greater than yourself.
  • Help fellow co-worker’s at Flow-Rite; do things beyond yourself.
  • Do the job, even if it isn’t your job.
  • Recognize and assist your customer. Do you know who they are?
Think Beyond Tomorrow

Think Beyond Tomorrow

  • Understand the culture of Flow-Rite Controls and contribute to improving it.
  • Participate in continuous improvement opportunities. Share Ideas.
  • Expand your job description, learn about your job, but what else can you do, help with, or improve to make your job or a fellow co-worker’s job better?
Question & Improve

Question and Improve

  • The Workplace
  • Environment
  • Safety
  • Internal and external relationships
  • Products
  • Marketing Sales

Our Commitment &
Continued Sustainability Initiative



Flow-Rite is devoted to implementing and adapting to an
environmental  and sustainable future. Our journey has been underway for some
time and we are excited continuing Growing Forward utilizing our values,
Help First, Think Beyond Tomorrow, Question & Improve.

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