Advanced Battery Steward

Innovation For Flooded Lead Acid & Sealed Battery Types:
ABS is our cloud-based solution that provides superior control of your battery management.

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Cloud based battery monitoring


Ideal for use with the following battery technologies:
AGM | Bi Polar | GEL | Lithium | TPPL | Flooded Lead-Acid

In addition to flooded lead acid, we can now understand the immediate health of a sealed AGM, Gel, TPPL, Bi-Polar and Lithium Ion battery system without challenges. Critical battery health data is now available at your fingertips through our innovative monitoring system and a simple to use app.

Voltage measurement indicates when a battery is fully charged or not. Half voltage meaurement helps you discover a failing cell within a battery.

The ability to detect an impact could indicate that a battery was mishandled. With this information you may decide to notify the operator of the behavior so to mitigate further damage and prevent the loss of battery life.

Awareness of the balance of charging and draining of a battery through amperage readings, will help with battery aging and fleet utilization strategies. A full time temperature monitor provides data to identify battery stress that may shorten it’s life.


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Our system utilizes a wireless tracker device full of sensors. This is used to upload critical battery health data to a cloud which is used to sync your computer and mobile devices, allowing for a complete monitoring & maintenance solution. Knowing the condition of your batteries will give you maintenance freedom while protecting your investment.

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