Fluid Handling
& Couplers

Find couplers, needle pinch valves, and abertax water valves below. Manufactured through world-class engineering using premium materials that boast functionality and longevity. Our innovative products are often used in medical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical processing, laboratory equipment, analytical instrumentation, fluid delivery systems, and pneumatic systems.

Flow-Rite Couplers

Connecting a male and female coupler does not take training or effort, unlike other fluid connectors. Simply use the ergonomic push-button for a quick disconnect. Neither action will put strain on someone using these several times a day.

Keyed connection options were designed for systems requiring error-proofing, as well as any sensitive application where lines can be crossed. The push-buttons and valves are color coded so it can be easily identified as a keyed or non-keyed coupler.


  • Ergonomic push button design
  • Low drip connection
  • Keyed and non keyed connections
  • UV resistant polypropylene
  • Higher flow rate than competitors

Needle Pinch Valves

Flow-Rite needle pinch valves are an inexpensive and long-lasting replacement for existing fluid delivery systems. Traditional valves are designed to come in contact with the fluid being restricted, causing deterioration. Fluid contact with the Flow-Rite valve has been eliminated; therefore, it will not erode over time. With no fluid contact, the valve can be used, reused and disposed without fear of contamination.



  • Fluid contact with valve eliminated.
  • Meters fluid flow from zero to full flow.
  • Designed for fine adjustment of fluid flow.
  • Easy to read metered scale (1mm division) on valve body.
  • Fits tube O.D. sizes from 4.0mm to 13.0mm or 5/32″ to 1/2″ O.D.
  • Each valve fits a range of tube sizes.
  • No fittings, cutting or removal of existing tubing required to install valves.
  • Ideal for usage with soft wall tubing


  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical Processing
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Fluid Delivery Systems
  • Pneumatic Systems

Abertax Water Valve

The Abertax Magnetic Float Valve is made for all water storage tanks. Designed and developed to meet the harshest working environments. This valve does not have external moving parts, while having an incorporated filter for easy cleaning. Assembly of the valve into a water tank is easy and seamless!

The rising water level lifts the float. The magnet inside the float then moves a stainless steel pilot plunger which closes the valve. The domestic version is designed for cold, fresh water application with a maximum inlet pressure of up to 4 bar. It is best suitable for loft tanks and flushing application. The industrial version be used for up to 6 bar inlet pressure and withstands chemicals with a maximum ph of 12. This version is best be used for floor cleaning vehicles, water ponds and farming applications. Both, domestic and industrial version, can be equipped with a silencer pipe.

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