Single-Point Battery Watering Systems

Faster, Safer, More Reliable

Fill your batteries faster, safer, and more reliably than manual watering with Millennium Evo, Pro-Fill, or Qwik-Fill single-point battery watering systems. These solutions optimize your battery’s health and overall life while simultaneously saving you time and money.

Industrial RV Deep Cycle / On-Board
Millennium Evo Pro-Fill RV Edition Pro-Fill | Qwik-Fill


What are watering systems? This safe solution consists of automatic shut-off valves, interconnected with tubing, which replace battery vent caps. The tubing is attached to a quick coupler that is connected to a water supply. Once connected, water flows into each cell until it reaches the correct level. Single point watering systems allow you to fill your batteries efficiently without exposing you to dangerous battery acid.

Organize and optimize your battery experience

What happens if you forget to water your batteries? Flow-Rite offers both software and hardware to keep your investments monitored and maintenance tasks organized.

Advanced Battery Steward App

Advanced Battery Steward App & Web Portal

Your battery experience made easy.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye Electrolyte Level Indicators

Keep an eye on your electrolyte levels in your batteries with a solid green or blinking red light.

Regulated Hose Supply

Flow-Rite Approved Water Supplies

We offer many different water supply options to fit the specific needs of your operation.


Take the guesswork out of electrolyte levels.

These unique vent caps limit the nozzle depth of automatic watering guns for accurate electrolyte levels every time.

Battery Care Resources

Explore our Battery Care Resources to find instructions, brochures, videos and more about our products:

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Kit Builder

Check out our interactive tool for building your unique watering kit!