DOE & BCI Advance Research On Lead-Acid

Lead-acid batteries offer a mature and well-established technology that is readily available, recyclable, and capable of providing consistent power supply, making them a dependable choice for many industries. Additionally, they have a relatively low environmental impact when managed responsibly through recycling programs.

Battery Care Catalog

battery catalog

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New Battery Electrolyte Sensor Outpaces Competition

Maintaining electrolyte levels is critical to lead-acid battery performance and longevity, but this routine monitoring becomes difficult if the battery is not readily accessible. With the new Eagle Eye Essential IV Level Sensor from Flow-Rite, it’s as simple as seeing the bright green LED glowing to know water levels are correct. Plus, because the device […]

Flow-Rite Trades Workstations For Construction Site

A team of Flow-Rite employees recently traded their office and manufacturing workstations for a construction site when they volunteered for a Habitat for Humanity project. Together, the group of eight worked to help a local Grand Rapids, Michigan family pursue their dreams of attaining safe, clean and affordable housing. Flow-Rite is a leading manufacturer of […]

No bending, squatting or reaching to check RV Batteries.

Whether the RV engine battery or the house battery bank, checking electrolyte levels and adding water often involves bending, squatting and stretching to reach them. But with a Pro-FillTM Onboard Battery Watering System from Flow-Rite, routine maintenance is fast and easy. This manifold and battery fill port valve assembly enables filling all cells to the […]

New IoT Solution Tracks Sealed Batteries Health

Sealed AGM, Gel, TPPL, and Lithium Ion batteries are often selected for use in golf cart fleets, pallet jacks, forklifts, scissor lifts, scrubbers, and emerging industrial applications such as solar arrays and UPS backups. With the new Advanced Battery Steward for Sealed Batteries system from Flow-Rite, it’s easy to wirelessly monitor the health of one […]

Qwik-Lok Marine Plumbing Manifold

Grand Rapids, MI: Flow-Rite Controls today announced the Qwik-Lok™ Plumbing Manifold, the latest addition to their Qwik-Lok™ family of products. The Qwik-Lok™ Plumbing Manifold is a modular drainage system which gives marine manufacturers a new way to increase plumbing efficiency, decrease installation times, increase labor & end-user safety, reduce extraneous thru-hull material & cost, and […]


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