New Qwik-Lok Marine Manifold | IBEX 2022

Unfortunately, due to hurricane Ian, IBEX 2022 has been cancelled to ensure and enhance safety of all exhibitors, guests, and locals. While we have been looking forward to seeing everyone again, we are happy that the proper precautions are being taken for people to remain safe. This event, however will not affect our ability to […]

Chad Pipkens Flow Rite Livewell Upgrade and Fishing Tips

Chad Pipkens - Livewell Upgrade and Fishing Tips Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Chad Pipkens, shows off his new and improved livewell with Qwik-Lok fittings that he uses during tournaments and everyday fishing. While showing off his skills reeling in some bass, Chad also gives us early summer fishing tips to get through the season! Youtube:

Gravity Tank Tips

gravity tank tips Join Sam in this ‘Qwik’ minute video as she discusses the proper use of our gravity tank. Shop now:   Youtube:

Best Battery Practices & SPW System Installation

best battery practices and single point watering installation We partnered with Crown Battery and US Golf Cars to bring you a full overview about the importance battery watering and best practices to fully maximize your assets. Learn how to properly install a deep cycle battery watering system on Crown Batteries! Learn more about Deep Cycle watering systems:   Youtube: […]

Marine Hose Advantage

marine hose with bilge application Join Tim as he dives into the topic of marine hosing in a bilge application! This ‘Qwik’ minute video will teach you the importance of having quality parts inside of your boat and how Flow-Rite can provide you with those components. New Marine Bundles:Visit our Marine Store:    Youtube:

Atomic Object Testimonial | Advanced Battery Steward

Flow-Rite x Atomic Object Kind words from the group at Atomic Object about our collaboration on the Advanced Battery Steward Software. The IoT devices connected through this platform allow for increased tracking to your battery fleet creating an easier maintenance experience.   Youtube:

Twisthink Testimonial | Advanced Battery Steward

TwistThink x Flow-Rite Twistthink offers kind words on the collaberation of the hardware for Advanced Battery Steward. They assisted in the development and creation of the IoT devices used in ABS. This hardware is what allows your batteries to talk to our servers and present you with all the important data you need to know to keep […]

How to Install an Eagle Eye Elite In-Valve Level Sensor

Eagle Eye Elite IV Sensor Installation Sam shows the ease of properly installing an Eagle Eye Elite In-Valve Sensor.The valve is installed in 8 simple steps bringing your battery monitoring and maintenance to the next level! Learn more about the Eagle Eye Elite Sensor:     Youtube:

Mini Pump Qwik Minute Video

Flow-Rite Mini Pump Sam demonstrates proper use of our Mini Pump using distilled water. Watering your batteries has never been easier! This DC powered water supply is practical for 24 cells or fewer.  Shop Now:     Youtube:

Pro-Fill Snake Tubing Installation

pro-fill spw installation with snake tubing Sam demonstrates how to install a Pro-Fill snake tubing battery watering system from start to finish.     Youtube: