Marine FAQs

Application Related Questions

Can an aerator pump be screwed into the back of your control valve?

With exception to the V1 valve, our V2 – V4 valves all have a ¾ inch NPT thread that will allow an aerator pump to screw into the back.  The V5 is threaded to accept an adapter.

How do I know which valve I have?

The color of the control arm and the valve model number should be laser etched in the top of the valve. Reference the control arm chart if needed.

Please note: If your control arm is yellow, a repair kit has been installed.

When should I use a PEF flapper?

If your livewell overflow (Deep V, Bay Boats) is 8 to 12 inches above the waterline a PEF Flapper is needed. This flapper helps reduce the amount of pressure on the drain line flow coming back into the livewell control valve.

Should the actuator label and valve functions match?

Yes. This will eliminate the “guessing” of the correct valve position.

What is the difference between front and rear cable approach?

Front approach cable approaches the valve from the livewell (console) side. The rear approach cable approaches the valve from the transom side and loops to the rear of the valve.

What type of pump do I need to purchase?

It depends on application, if you are looking for aerator pump or bilge pump.  If you need an aerator pump, we recommend a 750- 800 GPH centrifugal pump.  If you need a bilge pump, we recommend 500GPH or above.

Can my components be used in salt water?

Yes, they can be used in salt water.

Do I have to use marine sealant on my thru-hulls?

We would highly recommend using Elastomeric Marine Sealant on thru-hulls.  Use a thin film on the thru-hull flange surface and the tightening nut surface.

Do you have anything to help me build my livewells?

You can reference the livewell builder off our website.

What’s the difference between Qwik-Lok and barbed valves and fittings?

The Qwik-Lok male fitting has an O-Ring that works with our Qwik-Lok socket and slides on. The barbed fitting is connected by sliding the hose over the barbed fitting and secure with a hose clamp, no Qwik-Lok socket needed.

Troubleshooting Related Questions

My valve says RCV-75, which valve is it?

The V2 Valve is the direct replacement for the RCV-75.

My livewell won’t hold water, so what do I need to do?

There are a few different options you can do to fix this. First of all, start with back flushing your livewell from the transom livewell drain thru-hull with a garden hose. It’s possible that sediment could have built up and is affecting movement of the rotating assembly. If that does not work, check to see if the flappers are worn. If so, purchase the MA-060 Livewell Repair Kit; you can find this on our website. You can also check to make sure the cable connections at both the actuator and valve mountings are installed correctly and not broken or bent.

The red plug on the Remote Drain Plug is sticking. Can I apply a lubricant to help?

Yes, we recommend using an O-ring lube such as the Dow-Corning Molykote 55.

If the O-ring breaks on the Remote Drain Plug, can I purchase it from the hardware store?

No, these O-rings are specifically designed for the Remote Drain Plug and available on our website.

Can you purchase just the plug assembly for the Remote Drain Plug?

We are working on this. Stay tuned.

I bought a V2 valve to replace my RCV-75, but I’ve found my cable does not connect properly, what do I do?

Older style cables are not compatible with the newer valves. If you are using older cables you will need to replace the control cable, actuator, and the RCV-75 valve. When purchasing new cables you must know the length of control cables currently in use.

Can I put a lubricant on my control cable?

No, Products like WD-40 and alike can cause a degradation of the coating on the metal sheath of the control cable and cause it to stick or possibly break.

Store Related Questions

What information do I need to have before speaking with an FRC rep?

You will need to know the following; model, make, and year of boat, and the livewell functions (example: Recirc, Empty, Auto) and what you want to accomplish.

Is FRC corporate a retail location?

No, we only sell our product through our website.

Do you ship to Canada and internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Please ensure your credit card billing and shipping address match.

Do you warranty the product I purchased through eBay, Amazon, or a third party?

We do warranty our products.  If the parts were purchased from Flow-Rite direct we will handle the warranty here.  However, if the product was purchased from a different seller/third party, you will have to contact that seller/third party for warranty issues.

What methods of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards. We do not accept Pay Pal.


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