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What is Qwik-Lok™?

From fresh water to salt water, Flow-Rite has the marine plumbing system you need. The revolutionary Qwik-Lok™ quick-connect plumbing system replaces leak-prone barb fittings. Designed and engineered to withstand the elements. Qwik-Lok™ provides increased productivity, quality, and value while reducing costs.
The heart of the Qwik-Lok™ system is the innovative socket that fits industry-standard marine hose in numerous sizes, eliminating any need for additional sealant or crimping.

Boat on trailer
Qwik-Lok straight 1-1/2"
Qwik-Lok Straight 1-1/2" open
Qwik-Lok Elbow 1-1/2"
Qwik-Lok elbow 1-1/2" Open

1-1/5'' Qwik-Lok

Plug & Play Design: 4 locking fingers allow for easy plug and play

For Fresh & Salt Water: Material and design is excellent for whatever your application may be.

Minimal Effort: Attach and detach with ease.

Faster Water Flow: Faster water flow to your ballast bags and marine plumbing systems .

What can Qwik-Lok do for you?

Durability & Reliability: Created with polypropylene, it is able to withstand the elements.

Increased Productivity: Save time with our quick connect technology, you no longer need to worry about hose clamps.

Dynamic & Flexibility: You are now able to rotate your connections and get into hard to reach areas.

Lower Cost: Eliminates material waste and direct labor.

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