Remote Drain Plug Benefits Trailerable Boats

  • September 29, 2022

With many boats now sporting jack plates, trim tabs, power poles or multiple outboards, uncluttered transoms are things of the past. Even sailboats now feature dual rudders. For trailerable boats, the SeaLok™ Remote Drain Plug from Flow-Rite makes sense. It allows an owner to operate the hull drain from inside the vessel without having to squat or contort oneself.


SeaLok Remote Drain Plug

Made in the USA, the SeaLok system is a durable polymer drain plug that connects via a 6′, 8′ or 10′ cable to a control knob actuator mounted inside the cockpit. The plug has an O-ring to ensure watertightness and because the plug is attached to the actuator cable, it’ll never be lost or stolen.

Using the SeaLok is straightforward. The actuator is simply turned to the in or out position as needed. This makes it easy to comply with clean, drain and dry regulations to prevent the spread of invasive species. Plus, because it’s non-metallic, there’s no chance of galvanic corrosion. A video is at

Installing the Flow-Rite SeaLok Remote Drain Plug is simple. The 3/4″-or-less transom requires a 1″ dia. mounting hole. Silicone bedding is recommended, but not required. The actuator is mounted where it’s most convenient such as near the helm or in a splashwell. All sizes cost $89.95.