Qwik-Lok Marine Plumbing Manifold

  • September 27, 2022

Grand Rapids, MI: Flow-Rite Controls today announced the Qwik-Lok™ Plumbing Manifold, the latest addition to their Qwik-Lok™ family of products. The Qwik-Lok™ Plumbing Manifold is a modular drainage system which gives marine manufacturers a new way to increase plumbing efficiency, decrease installation times, increase labor & end-user safety, reduce extraneous thru-hull material & cost, and improve hull aesthetics & performance.


“We’re proud to unveil our newest Qwik-Lok™ innovation” said Todd Hart, President at FRC. “Boat builders have been asking for a better way to lay out their plumbing systems, and the Qwik-Lok™ Plumbing Manifold delivers in so many ways. We’ve increased overall efficiency through our modular design, decreased the risks of sink-points, decreased costs associated with labor and maintenance, and improved the look of each hull we’re installed on by reducing the unwanted thru-hulls that come with traditional plumbing designs.”

Features and benefits of the Qwik-Lok Plumbing Manifold include:

  • Qwik-Lok™ Modular Design: patented quick-connect system is easier to assemble and disassemble, saving time & labor
  • Improved Hull Aesthetics & Performance: reducing thru-hulls increase hull profile and ‘curb appeal’ while increasing hull hydrodynamics
  • Built-to-Spec: manifold systems are tailor-made to each boat, ensuring maximum fluid dynamics performance
  • Enhanced Safety: reducing need for drilling through hulls decreases potential leak points, increases installation ergonomics, and reduces risk of laborer injury


Qwik-Lok™ Plumbing Manifold will be available for review and demonstration at IBEX 2022 in Tampa, Florida on 09/27/2022. For more information on the Qwik-Lok™ Plumbing Manifold, visit

About Flow-Rite Controls: Flow-Rite Controls is a vertically integrated plastics engineering company that designs and manufactures a wide range of fluid control and IoT devices. Their innovations in marine include the Qwik-Lok™ family of products, the Remote Drain Plug, and a host of improvements to bait tank and livewell systems. Flow-Rite remains dedicated to sustainability and has adopted green production processes and materials wherever possible.